Friday 8 January 2016

Operation Oasis: Day 7

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The Final Sea Day 

Here we are on Day 7, the last day of our cruise. What a bittersweet feeling!

We woke up around noon and immediately went to the Windjammer Cafe for lunch one last time. As we walked up the stairs, we saw a large sheet cake (with a thank you message) at the entrance! I've never seen this before! People were ogling the cake and taking pictures (like myself), and children were trying to grab a piece, so I skipped when they cut the cake.

It was a cloudy day as we continued our journey back to Fort Lauderdale, but it was a sea day so the deck was completely full. The sun went away in the late afternoon and it became very windy again. It was starting to get chilly so we left to get ready for dinner. When we got back to our room, our disembarkation papers were waiting for us. It was time to pack. I had to have my absolute favourite dessert again - the chocolate pear tart - so we ordered room service as we started to pack.

We had dinner in the dining room in the evening. The star of our meal was the bay scallops with the cauliflower puree. I, myself, had three of these appetizers. The cauliflower puree was "to-die-for" delicious! We also got to try a fish dish that our Filipino neighbours were having as well. A little bit on the dry side, but it was nice to try something different! Nothing caught my eye for dessert, so I went with a sorbet. All the chefs came out and danced to "I Gotta Feeling" with the waiters. It is a tradition on Royal Caribbean ships and it was a lot of fun to watch/sing along.

We said goodbye to our waiter, Kevin, and thanked him for his sense of humour. He was headed to Europe to the Harmony of the Seas so we wished him the best - maybe we'll see him again one day. Funnily enough, he spent the last four years on the Allure, and our family was on the Allure in May 2012, so we were definitely on that ship at the same time!

We rushed back to our cabin to finish packing. We finished just in time for Oasis of Dreams. The show had been cancelled on our first night due to weather conditions. A side note, I've heard that it is almost always cancelled on the first night due to weather, so if you are planning to watch this show, do book the second showing later in the week. Oasis of Dreams is a show filled with synchronized swimmers, skilled divers and acrobats. It was amazing to watch them perform at sea in the night time.

We didn't want our night to end. We spent some time in the casino, and eventually cashed out our points. We had enough for a few keychains and a Casino Royale t-shirt. At last, we decided it was time to go to bed. Tomorrow morning, we'll be in Fort Lauderdale.


We were the second group to disembark, but it was way too early for us. So we decided to take our time. Our stateroom attendant woke us up prior to docking, which we weren't happy about. However, we didn't realize we hadn't docked as we rushed to get ready to leave. It turns out we were an hour behind. Sometime during the night, the Oasis had picked up two men who were stranded in the middle of the ocean with their boat. As a result, we were delayed. We left our cabin for breakfast at Park Cafe and finally left the ship when it closed at 10 AM.

The line to retrieve our luggage was backed up, but it was a quick process otherwise. We grabbed our luggage, which were the last ones standing for our disembarkation group, and went through customs. Soon, we were on our way to our hotel.

Flights to Vancouver were mostly in the early morning and we knew we wouldn't make it so we had one more night in Fort Lauderdale before flying home to Vancouver. We caught a Panthers' game that night. Although the Panthers lost, we had a great time and experience.

It was a nightmare going home with cancelled flights and a re-route to Miami, but with all that craziness aside, we had a very relaxing cruise. It was a much needed vacation as we hadn't cruised in over a year! We always have a lovely time with Royal Caribbean and this cruise was no exception.

Well that's it: our entire seven day Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. I hope you've enjoyed my trip report!

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