Time has passed by so quickly since my university graduation. When I was in school, it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. Now it feels like life is on fast forward. My 25th birthday is coming up in less than two months. I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a list of things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. These are not life goals, just ambitions I'd like to fulfill before I turn 30 - in no particular order, of course.

  1. Visit Tulum. 
  2. Visit the Canary Islands. (October 2017 - Navigator of the Seas)
  3. Visit Santorini, Greece. (September 17 2014 - Splendour of the Seas)
  4. Visit Rome, Italy. (September 7 2014)
  5. Visit Paris, France. (October 2017 - Navigator of the Seas)
  6. Cruise through the Panama Canal. 
  7. Visit Bora Bora. 
  8. Visit Bali, Indonesia. 
  9. Sail through the Norwegian fjords. 
  10. Ride a camel. (October 2017 - Lanzarote, Canary Islands) 
  11. Move out into my own apartment. (November 2015)
  12. Become a pet owner. (August 2016)
  13. Get married. (April 2018)
  14. Have a kid. 
  15. Start a garden. 
  16. Learn how to make Mom's tomato noodle soup.
  17. Learn how to bake the perfect soft ginger molasses cookies. 
  18. Learn how to make gumbo from scratch. 
  19. Learn how to make an apple crostata. 
  20. Learn a new language. 
  21. Learn how to drive.
  22. Co-own a car. 
  23. Go to a Britney Spears concert. 
  24. Go to a Backstreet Boys concert.  (May 20 2014 - In A World Like This Tour)
  25. Attend an NBA basketball game.  (May 11 2014 - Clippers vs. Thunder Playoffs)
  26. Try kickboxing. 
  27. Take a cooking class. 
  28. Purchase a deep fryer, and deep fry something. 
  29. Finish my back tattoo. 
  30. Complete my collection of Britney Spears albums.


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