Wednesday 29 March 2017

The Glory Days: Farewell Day at Sea

Alas, that bittersweet, last sea day had arrived. We woke up to an overcast sky. The sun was gone, and while it was still warm, it was drizzling throughout the day. We finally decided to check out what was above the buffet on the Lido deck. To our surprise, it was not just more seating! There was a Fish 'n' Chips station! There was a extremely long lineup, but seeing that we had no plans for the day (that seemed to be a running theme this cruise), we decided to join the queue. There was only one chef manning the station. Every time the soup was low, he had to pour more stock in, add fresh seafood and wait for it to cook. No wonder there was a such a long queue! We finally got our bouillabaisse and ceviches after 20 minutes. It was worth the wait!

Even though it was cloudy, the deck was full. So we headed upstairs to Deck 18 on the Serenity Adults Only Retreat area to check it out. It was our lucky day! There was a cabana up for grabs! We ended up lounging there for almost three hours chasing another ship before a torrential downpour came our way.

Our day had flown by, because it was time to get ready for dinner again. We didn't order anything exciting. Both of us ordered the prime rib. I find that the last day of the cruise always has some not-so-interesting entrees. We were determined to do make the most of our last night. The Playlist Productions put on a rock concert, Epic Rock. It was a loud, energetic performance.

One thing to note is that most Carnival ships play movies mid-deck before and after dinner. The screen by the main pool is also known as the Carnival Seaside Theatre. We'd stopped by a few times to pass time. You are never bored on a Carnival ship! Next, we were at the comedy club laughing to Derrick Eason's jokes with our complimentary drinks from Carnival. We skipped Jim Brick that evening to finish packing. Disembarkation was upon us and we had a long day ahead of us... We are not done!

The shape of things to come is seen above, right... Stay tuned!