A little bit about myself... 
I'm the only child from a traditional Chinese family. I was born and raised in rainy Vancouver; and hope to, one day, wake up to sunshine every morning (probably not happening, but hey, a girl can dream). I graduated from university with a BSc. four years ago. 

In 2014, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a graphic designer. I completed a full-time graphic design program, and I joined the marketing team of the subdivision of a global company as a design assistant. I'm also open for freelance work. You can check out my portfolio here or email me here if you have inquiries.  

There are three things I love in life aside from my family and friends. I love Disney, travelling and food. I started this blog as an outlet for my travel adventures, but since many of my adventures include a Disney destination and food, I decided to make all three things the focal point of my blog.

We cruise once a year, and we are currently making our way through Europe, one cruise at a time. When we aren't cruising through the Mediterranean Sea, we are in Caribbean waters. Once we are satisfied, we plan to tackle Asia next!

#AllIDoisEat! I love trying new foods all around the world but I don't consider myself an actual foodie. I don't know enough about being a "foodie," but I do love blogging about afternoon tea and taking photos of my food. 

Who doesn't love Disney? I've been hooked since my first visit in 1996 when I was a wee child. My favourite movie is the Lion King, and I just love anything Lion King. My first visit to Walt Disney World was New Year's 2010, and Animal Kingdom is my favourite Disney park. While I love the original park, Walt Disney World really is a world of its own, and is incomparable to any other Disney Park.

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