Friday 13 May 2016

Euro-bound with a few of my favourite things!

There is one week until go-time, but I'm already in vacation mode! I'm living vicariously through the live trip reports on Cruise Critic and Facebook.

The Carnival Vista is here and word is, she did not disappoint. Although she is still on her inaugural cruise, the reports and photos have been outstanding. I am so excited for this ship. However, all the ups have not been without the downs. There are a few glitches (dirty pools and spotty internet), but that is expected with a brand new ship. I'm hoping the major ones will be under control or solved by our third sailing.

Some good news! Carnival has added Turkey back onto our itinerary. Instead of Izmir, we are stopping in Kusadasi (I totally called it!). Kuasdasi is not a security concern on the U.S travel advisory. I am estatic we will be going to Kusadasi, after all, I'll know exactly where to get those tartinis. Kusadasi is a lively port with many souvenir shops and coffee shops at the pier, so I think I'll stay by the ship as opposed to booking an excursion as we've already been to Ephesus.

On to packing... Well, our bags are not quite packed, but the lists are complete, and I'll be ready to go - soon. I'm just waiting on the weather!

It is currently raining in most of the ports on the cruise, but the weather seems to be getting better - warmer and sunnier. I live for warm sunshine - so with the weather in the mid-twenties, it is safe to pack more shorts than long pants. One major tip for Mediterranean weather though, I've learned that the weather over there can change at the drop of a hat. During our visit in Venice, it was hot and sunny one day - I was sweating in a skirt and a tank top; then chilly and rainy the next day - I was wearing a hoodie and a rain jacket. Although we are heading into summer, I will be packing my trusty Columbia rain jacket again to be safe.

Another favourite item of mine to pack for a cruise are my soft jogger pants. Not only are they comfortable, they're fashionable and versatile. They're perfect for chilly evenings after the sun goes down (and in the event of a cold Venetian day or on the cruise ship with max air conditioning). So my only question is... does Mediterranean spring weather warrant a sweater? I might bring one just in case if I have room. If I don't... and it gets chilly, it'll be a great excuse to buy a new sweater!

I also love (and need) a good book or two. I have a few books sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read. In fact, some of them are old books from my list of summer must-reads in a post from July 2014. Sadly, I have only read one book from this list - the chick-lit, embarrassingly. I will be bringing two novels with me on the trip, Come Away With Me and The One & Only. They should keep me busy on the plane... and hopefully help me fall asleep!

Stay tuned for our trip report!

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