Monday 25 April 2016


Time truly flies. We're just under thirty days out until embarkation day! This countdown is officially on.

Since my last post, Izmir has been dropped from our cruise. While there has been whispers of another port, ultimately, Carnival decided it wasn't feasible to fit another port in our itinerary. Our first port was cancelled due to a security advisory issued by the U.S. in Turkey. While I'm disappointed by this cancellation, safety does come first. I was looking forward to revisiting Turkey because I had lovely time at Ephesus during our last Mediterranean cruise, but also mostly because I wanted more of these amazing Firinindan Raspberry Tartinis I had purchased from a convenience store in Kusadasi, Turkey. I know, so random, but it truly makes me sad that I won't be able to stock up on my favourite snack.

However, taking Turkey out of our itinerary also means we will have to pay a VAT (Value Added Tax) on purchases made during our cruise. This complicates everything. Our departing port is Athens, so if Carnival is charging VAT based on Athens, then we will be paying up to 23% tax on purchases made on the ship (different purchases are taxed on different rates).

All in all, I am so very disappointed we won't be visiting Turkey during this cruise. It causes a big financial wrinkle in our trip (plus a sad tummy). Nonetheless, I'm trying to staying positive because it will be an amazing experience. I'm so excited to visit Malta on my birthday! Now onto packing... how will I fit 10 days of dresses in a medium size suitcase?

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