Thursday 22 January 2015

Arrivederci Europe...

We are a family in love with cruising. So naturally, on our last day of the cruise... our plan was to book another cruise. We slept in, and ate lunch at the Windjammer. We hung up our socks to dry, and we headed upstairs to book our next cruise. After a long discussion with the manager, the boyfriend's parents and the two of us booked a sailing on the Anthem of the Seas, which is still under construction! It will be one of Royal Caribbean's largest ships among the Quantum and Allure. The ship is due in April 2015, and our embarkation date is one year after its inaugural sailing. We are booked on a 12-day cruise sailing out from Cape Liberty, a new port for us (a trip to New York is on my 'must-do' if we sail from Jersey!). This cruise will be sailing to the Caribbean. Now you might be wondering, why did we book a cruise on board? Well, Royal Caribbean had a promotion during our booking as they usually do. We have learned in the past, that booking onboard is the way to go. Your deposit is refundable up till 75 days prior to sailing, and there are always promotions. The promotion that was offered to us was the Vow-to-Wow sale, and the second guest's fare is half off. This promotion is actually on right now! Unfortunately for us, the new ships are not included in this offer. The final price for the Anthem was $4700 (for a balcony stateroom). That is a huge difference in price comparing to our usual cruise fares. This is one of the main issues in regards to why we are hesitant about this cruise. Another important consideration were the ports. The Anthem dock in ports we have been to: Puerto Rico and St. Maarten, and ports we have not been to: Haiti and St. Kitts. It is a longer cruise. We have decided to make a decision when 2016 rolls around, so we have a year to mull over this. It is hard to be excited about a cruise that is over 18 months away but we were happy to have another cruise coming up.  

After we finalized our booking, we went up to the deck so I could finish my book. We enjoyed the silence as the ship sailed the sunset.

It was the perfect end to our cruise. We sailed back into Venice, where we spent one more day winding down before flying home. There you have it, our first Mediterranean cruise. I truly hope you enjoyed my cruise review!

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  1. They say you haven't lived the good life, if you haven't ever been on a cruise.


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