Sunday 16 August 2015

Lazy Saturdays

Saturdays are my lazy days. I usually have the whole day to myself, and often times I am running errands or making refunds from online purchases but I also like to set some time aside to do something creative. This week, I decided to make scones.

This is my second attempt at scones. The last time I made them, they were extremely undercooked. The one that I had cut in half to test was perfectly fine, so I had no reason to cut open the rest of the batch. Sadly, the next day, when I decided to eat another one, I discovered they were all still raw inside.

This recipe is from the boyfriend's mom. I decided to make it my own by adding tangerine zest and cranberries. I would recommend mixing the sour cream and egg in a separate bowl before folding it into the dry ingredients. I also made bite-size scones to make it easier to bake. In 20 minutes, they were baked perfectly. I loved the results this time around!

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