Saturday 30 January 2021

Seas the Day

Disclaimer: There is a currently a travel advisory issued against all non-essential and all cruise ship travel due to COVID-19 pandemic as advised by the Government of Canada and the State Department. In addition, all major cruise lines have suspended operations around the world until the end of April 2021. I am not promoting any travel during this time. I am just sharing my past travels and continuing to work on my blog while we are all staying at home, practicing social distancing. If you are reading this, stay safe and healthy out there. Take care of yourself and each other. 

Happy New Year! 2021 is finally here, but so is the pandemic. Sadly, not much as changed, but with the vaccine's arrival, we can only pray it will bring hope that we can travel later this year - if not, one day... 

As we left Japan for China, we had two sea days to relax. The sea was a lot calmer on the way home. The weather also cleared up, allowing for some sun to peek through, so we spent some time on the deck during the day, and ate a lot throughout the day.

We booked tickets to watch Starwater, a Royal Caribbean production. It was a complimentary show but since the show was in the Two70 theatre, it had limited space. It was a confusing but captivating show. The show incorporated the lights and tech (monitors and screens) in the theatre along with the live performance of the dancers and singers. The plot didn't make sense, but it was good entertainment for the evening. 

We enjoyed our last sea day from our cove balcony. We enjoyed our own afternoon snacks - mine was from Japan and my husband's was from the Lido deck. 

We were invited to Chops Grille for a complimentary dinner, so the two of us fancied up for the night. The entrees (filet mignon and steak) were nothing to write home about, but the appetizers, the sides and the dessert were delicious. 

As we sailed back to Shanghai, we knew we wanted to come back to Japan. This cruise was just a taster, and we couldn't wait to explore more of Japan. I was excited to return home to start planning for our trip to Japan exclusively, but before that we still had a couple more exciting days in Shanghai. Stay tuned for our day trip to Suzhou!  

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