Monday 13 July 2015

Afternoon Delight

Over the weekend, a friend and I decided to got to Basho Cafe for lunch. Originally, we had wanted to hike to Mystery Lake on Mt. Seymour but seeing that the forecast was going postal on us, we decided we'd save that for another day and just have lunch in the area. I've passed by Basho Cafe many times, but it always seemed to get lost in the numerous coffee shops and bakeries on Hastings street. So when my friend suggested it, naturally, I said yes in a heartbeat. Basho is a family run Japanese style cafe, with coffee, of course, lots of cute and unique sweets, and also a few heavier menu items for lunch. We shared a tuna tataki salad (which was literally the best I've had), a homemade buttered toast and an afternoon set, which consisted of an iced latte and a few sweets. It's definitely a neighbourhood spot I would visit again.

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