Thursday 18 June 2015

Destination BC: Whistler

The boyfriend and I had a quick getaway to Whistler for my birthday. The two of us haven't been there since our first trip during our first year of dating, which was about 6 years ago. Whistler is a gorgeous ski resort town with beautiful mountains just two hours north of Vancouver. We booked a couples' massage at the Scandinavia Spa, a nordic day spa. We also took part in their hydrotherapy treatment in the Scandinavian baths. There are three components. First, warm your body in a hot bath for 10-15 minutes. Second, refresh your body in a  cold bath for 20-30 seconds. Lastly, relax for 15 minutes to allow your body to regulate itself. The idea is to repeat this sequence 3-4 times to improve blood circulation and cleanse your body. It was definitely a refreshing experience, and I really enjoyed the tranquil environment.

We had dinner at Rim Rock Cafe (one of my coworkers had recommended the restaurant). Their food was fantastic. The highlight of my meal was the miso glazed sablefish. The boyfriend and I enjoyed it so much we decided to make our own version at home. For dessert, we both had a sticky toffee pudding, mine had a little birthday shoutout on it.

We left Whistler the next morning, and stopped at Brandywine Falls. It was a short walk to the two lookouts, one being the breathtaking waterfall. There were also a few other trails in the park, and we decided to hike the Swim Lake trail. The 1 KM trail proved to be a little too much for my Toms, but we managed it make it there and back. We also stopped by Porteau Cove along the Sea-to-Sky highway. The view over the Howe Sound to the mountains was beautiful.

And that just about sums up our trip to Whistler. Next up, I'm going to review my official birthday dinner at Kishimoto Japanese Restaurant. Stay tuned...

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