Monday 28 April 2014


I'm feeling slightly panicked for my upcoming trip to Disneyland. Here we are, just ten days before our trip and I've just barely started to pack. Now for those of you who know me, I am a little bit extreme when it comes to packing. I usually start packing months in advance, so ten days out, this is quite sloppy of me. Get it together, Flora! But I don't just pack. I create lists with a full inventory of what I am bringing. I also make lists of outfit ideas, for mornings when I just can't throw together a cute outfit. I am also an over-packer. Yes, I'm that person who packs 9 different pairs of shoes and 15 pairs of shorts. So unfortunately, my suitcase is always at or close to 50 lbs. This is a challenge because it is always overweight when I come home. I consider myself a seasoned traveler but I am still working on the suitcase issue. September will be a true test for me, as we are traveling to Italy and we are planning on packing light - to move around more freely, and to be able to bring souvenirs home. This is especially difficult because we will be on a one week cruise and cruises require formal wear. For the ladies, formal wear means fancy dresses and heels. And ladies, we all know how much weight all that extra poof adds.

So what is my strategy this time? Here are three things I will keep in mind while packing...

Check the weather. Los Angeles will be warm in early May. Temperatures are in mid to high twenties, so I'll definitely be in shorts. I'll also pack some pants and a lightweight spring jacket for those cool summer nights. Once the sun sets, it can get a little breezy in SoCal. Prepare for layers, so a tank top with a cardigan in the early morning. When the temperature rises in the afternoon, a tank top will be just fine, and when the temperature cools down in the evening, a light jacket will help out.

Tone it down with the Disney. Now every time I go to Disneyland or Disney World, I just throw all my Disney clothes in my suitcase. Well, whaddaya know, I don't always wear every single Disney shirt I bring with me. This time around, I am only bringing what I will wear, and for the number of days I will actually be at Disneyland. Well... maybe one extra shirt won't hurt in case I spill something.

Now my second biggest challenge: Pants. Now I know I'll have to pack pants for a rainy day or a cold night out. I'll need a pair of jeans, because jeans go with everything. On the other hand, I can't go without my trusty cargo pants. They are just as versatile and they are much more comfortable for longer wear. I also have soft black pants I want to bring with me. California weather can be scorching so I want to test my soft pants out for Italy. Many religious sites in Italy require women to cover their legs - or at least their knees. I can only wear so many maxi skirts, and I don't own any capris or knee length shorts/skirts, so I decided to invest in a pair of lightweight soft pants. I want to make sure these pants can withstand hot weather, so I'm not sweating through them during the day. If they can't withstand California weather, they're not coming to Italy with me. And I can't forget about my leggings, which I'll be wearing on the plane. Do I really need four pairs of pants for six days? No. So this is something I'll have to think over.

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